Grandpa Johnson

Johnson Petroleum, Inc. was founded by J. Edward Johnson in 1928. Mr. Johnson started as an employee of Standard Oil (now owned by British Petroleum) in 1928. In the 1930’s, Standard Oil wanted Mr. Johnson to become a consignee agent and in the late 1940’s, he became a consignee agent for Cities Services Oil Company.

In 1971, J. Edward Johnson sold the business to his son, Ralph L. Johnson. Ralph continued the relationship with Cities Services Oil Company until 1972 when he became a Union 76 Jobber. Mr. Johnson opened the first convenience store in 1975 and opened the first Quick Lube in 1988. He bought out a local distributor in 1996 to add volume and purchased the Truck Wash in 1998. Ralph L. Johnson retired in 1999 and sold the business to his son Ryan Johnson.

Ryan Johnson began in the business as a bulk delivery driver in 1982 and with the exception of April 1989 to 1993 he has worked in the company in one capacity or another. He was responsible for sales and service to all commercial, farm and home heating customers. He has been an Account Manager for dealer and commercial, farm and home heating customers. He has been an Account Manager for dealer and commercial accounts. He has been a dispatcher for the company and responsible for facilities management from 1994 to June 30, 1999. Since June 30, 1999, Ryan has been the President of Johnson Petroleum, Inc.

The business entity currently has six convenience stores, one full-service truck wash with fuel bays, and one Quik Lube. We perform freight hauling (all fuel related – gasoline or diesel). The company operates 6 transport haulers on a full-time basis and two delivery trucks (4500 gallon fuel and 2500 bulk oil truck).

Today the company has a superior reputation with the commercial, retail and local municipalities and others as a distributor of high quality products and the highest quality of customer service.

The continued growth and success of Johnson Petroleum, Inc. can be attributed to the skills, talents, dedication and hard work of its people. Our future is looking to be outstanding!